Flat woven rugs are made by leaving stitches at the places where the colors are changes by turning the warps over the wefts.
While the bases of light rugs are woven by one person, the embroidery is woven by another person without stitches at the same time.
Both bases and embroideries of the sumac rugs are woven by the same person at same time.
Turkish Knots: It is called Turkish knots, or GÖRDES knot, or double knot. Turkish knot is the thread which is rounded over the two wefts and the loose ends are passed firmly between the warps
Persian Knots: It is called as Persian knot, Sena knot or single knot. Persian knot is the thread which is rounded over single weft and rounded over the other weft loosely. While one of the loose ends is pulled between the two wefts, the other and gets out of the two wefts connected.