The washing and maintenance that take an important place in the long period of use of the hand-woven carpet and rugs are applied at the washing section of our firm with a great attention and care.
First of all,the carpets and rugs are taken into the dust section and by this means,the dust accumulated between the knots are removed and cleaned accordingly. 1
The carpets that are cleaned by rotating around at the dust section are taken into the pool and then,the washing process commences therein.Then,the rugs and carpets are cleaned through the chemical-added substances at this section. 2
Then,these rugs and carpets,which are washed and cleaned at the sait pool,are rinsed thoroughly and the water is taken out at the nearby machine accordingly. 3
Following the rinsing process,they are taken in the drying room and are suspended from the ceiling and dried up by warm air. 4
  • It is recommended that this mode of cleaning be applied every year pursuant to the use of the said articles.
  • Additionally, cleaning of your rugs and carpet by a vacuum clear on weekly and monthly basis shall extend the life of your rugs and carpets more.